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With the flow drilling process (also known as Centerdrill, friction drilling, flow forming, thermal drilling process) we replace the rivet nuts, welding nuts and thread cutting in thin materials.

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Welding nuts - Thread cutting - Rivet nuts
Loosening and turning!


The Centerdrill result

With the flowdrilling process with centerdrill we produce a bush and a DIN-thread in only two operations. You will get a sufficient quantity of supporting thread turns for high extraction forces. No more wobbling, loosening or twisting!

Centerdrill Technig

Ideally suited for…

These holes can be used for screw- or plug connection.

Centerdrill Technig

screw connection

plug connection

Possible surface

Depending on your need you can receive a surface on your workpiece with collar or without collar (flat). Your choice of surface determines the right type of Centerdrill (with or without cutters). The flow drilling process eliminates the need for welded nuts, rivet nuts and the need for thread cutting in thin-walled applications.

Centerdrill Technig

Bush length

With the flow drilling process you are able to create bush lengths with factor 2-3 from the original material thickness. Depending of thread size and material thickness it can also be significantly more. For example with our Centerdrill G3/4”: In 1.5 mm steel you can achieve a bush length about 12 mm. Your benefit with our Centerdrill-Know-How: The bushing length can be influenced in various ways (shortened or extended).

Time saving:

Example: Centerdrill 7.3 long for M8 + Centertap M8 in 2mm steel (S235JR). For approx. 8000 threads (for your calculation [note: it depends on your process parameter and your applications]).

With Centerdrill + Centertap you will need only approx. 6 sec. for both operations together.

The advantage may be projected approx. about 40% time saving compared to other technologies, like welding- or rivet nuts.

Material cost savings:

Example: Centerdrill 7.3 long for M8 + Centertap M8 in 2mm steel (S235JR). For approx. 8000 threads (for yourcalculation [note: it depends on your process parameter and your applications]).

Do you know your material costs of press nuts, welding nuts or rivet nuts? Depending on the type it will cost you between 0,06 and 0,16 EUR/pcs.?

With Centerdrill + Centertap your costs per thread will decrease. The costs are only approx. 0,0134 EUR per thread. This saving represents a material cost advantage of approx. 20% up to 90%.

Interesting facts at a glance!

The flowdrilling process is also known as Centerdrill process, friction drilling, flow forming, thermal drilling process or form drilling.

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