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Collet chuck with cooling ring

Due to the extreme thermal fluctuation and the radial load it is absolutely essential to use our special collet chuck. The warmth generated during the process must not be allowed to enter the spindle but instead must be deflected or cooled. Customary three-part chucks can cause breakage of the centerdrill if it is not clamped centrally! For this reason a collet chuck with cooling ring was developed especially for flow drilling process with centerdrill, with which the heat can be dissipated ideally and a secure clamping can be ensured.

Various types are available. The collet chuck MC2 is standard for centerdrills up to a shank to Ø 14 mm. For bigger sizes we recommend an MC3 holder. More collet chucks like SK30, SK40, HSK63, etc. are available. Also, please keep in mind that it can be useful to use reducing sleeve!

Your benefits:

  • A secure connection and concentricity of the centerdrill tools
  • Lower risk of tool breakage
  • Heat dissipation by special cooling ring and thus protect your machine spindle

Should you be interested in a collet chuck, please take a look to our Beginner Set. There you can receive the
complete first equipment with an enormous price saving compared with the single purchase.

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