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We ship the same day
Orders before 2:00 pm for stock items are shipped the same day.
Certainly also via Courier Express Service.

Field Support
We support you with the introduction of the flow drilling technology at your plant.

Resharpening of Centerdrills
We can sharpen your flat flow drilling cutting edge.

Prototype Flow Drilling
Are you not sure if the Centerdrill technology is right for your application?
We offer to make some prototype parts for you to test if your expectations are met.

Design and Manufacturing
Centerdrill flow former are made by us and their further development is a daily task
for us.

Printed Media
We offer a large variety of printed support material for marketing and
technical support in many languages. (Download)

ww distributor network
Our continuously growing network provides you our support and everywhere and
when you need it, fast and efficient. (Partner)


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Tel. +49 (0) 6198/5858-97


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