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Safety instructions

Please note the following:

At the start of the flow forming process, the collet chuck should be retightened after 5 to 10 forming operations to prevent the part from slipping or falling out.

Always wear protective goggles

When working with the flat centerdrill tool that is used to remove the collar, proper protective clothing and safety goggles should be worn. And please take care that the safety guard is installed on the machine to protect against flying chips.

The safety instructions for the recommended parting medium should be obeyed. You will find the safety data sheets in our download area.

The Centerdrill flow drilling tool and the work piece are glowing hot initially after use and should not be touched without proper safety gloves or before it has cooled down. If you want to touch or change the tool or the work piece your machine should be stopped completely.

With regard to the wearing of gloves: It is essential to follow the safety instructions of your company and of the machine manufacturer. We point out that the gloves should not be used under any circumstances which include the danger of the gloves being caught and entrained by movable machinery. An accident could be the result.


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