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Centerdrill Beginner Set

For an optimal result and a secure connection of the Centerdrill tools we recommend our Beginner Set, as the ideal basic equipment. Due to high axial forces and temperatures during the flow drilling process it is absolutely essential to use our special collet chuck. With the integrated cooling ring the heat is optimally discharged from your machine spindle and the running accuracy during the flow drilling process is given due to the centrically clamping into our centerdrill collet. All this and much more you will receive in our Beginner Set with an enormous price saving compared with the single purchase.

The Centerdrill Beginner-Set consists of:

  • 1 x Centerdrill flow drilling tool of your choice*
  • 1 x Centertap threadformer of your choice*
  • 1 x Collet chuck with cooling ring of your choice*
  • 1 x Parting paste for flow drilling 250 gr. + 1 x brush
  • 1 x Lubricant for thread forming 250 ml + 1 x spray cap
  • 1 x Centerdrill collet, suitable to your previously selected tools
  • 1 x Toolcase (available only with collet chuck MC2)
*price per size and type different

Make the collet chuck ready for use

Several collet chucks are available. MC2, MC3, SK30, SK40, HSKF63, etc.
Also, please keep in mind that it can be useful to use reducing sleeve!

The Centerdrill Beginner Set is the optimum equipment to start with the flow drilling process.

Ask for an individual offer or look into our Online-Shop!
You don’t know which Centerdrill tool is the right one for your application? Then take a look into our Centerdrill-Explorer.


All in one – Tool finder and process database for your application!

Our Centerdrill Explorer will show you the right RPM, feed rate and the required power for your machine, for a lot of materials und material thicknesses. All data available for the flow drilling process as well as for the thread forming process.

For example these data include specifications for following materials: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper and brass and for the material thicknesses between 0,8-12mm.


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