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Parting paste for flow drilling process

Moistening the centerdrill with our highly heat-resistant parting paste, matched to the respective material to be processed, is important for the life of the centerdrill tool. The working part will be protected and material adhesion will be reduced during the flow drilling process. It is suitable for all materials like steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, etc.

For a long time there were only products on the market which contained oil. Due to the large demand and with aspects of environmental protection and sustainability, the Centerdrill GmbH developed a release agent without any oil. The white paste is water soluble and thus easily removable. Therefore, it does not interfere with subsequent processes, like painting, etc. When processing the paste, even at the high temperatures of thermal friction drilling, no harmful or toxic substances are created.

Your benefits:

  • longer lifetime of the centerdrill tools
  • Material adhesion will be reduced on the centerdrill tool
  • watersoluble, especially suitable for profiles that may be subsequently painted
  • free of oils

Application note:

  • It should be applied on the centerdrill at every 5th operation in steel and with each operation in stainless steel. Overall, the frequency will depend on the material to be processed
  • In general there should be no screeching noise during the flow drilling process. If it nevertheless happens you should apply the paste again.

Available packaging sizes:

  • Parting paste: 250gr. or 1Kg can

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