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Lubrication during the thread forming

The use of our lubricant is highly recommended during thread forming. It should be applied before each operation on the centertap, manually or automatically by spraying system. If your profiles must be painted after producing the thread, we recommend our washable oil. This oil is mineral free and dilutable with water. Thus, the oil can be easily removed.

Your benefits:

  • longer lifetime of Centertap threadformer
  • important for a good result of the thread
  • Also available as a "washable" oil. Ideal for subsequent coating
  • chlorine free
  • for manual application or for spraying systems

Application note:

  • It should be applied before each operation on the centertap.

Available packaging sizes:

  • Standard oil "chlorine free": 250 ml and 1l bottle with spray cap or 5l canister
  • For spraying „Chlorine and mineral oil free“: 1l bottle or 5l canister
  • Washable „no volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons – mineral oil free “: 1l bottle or 5l canister

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